Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

Your family's love and connection deserves to be remembered like this

Your family's love and connection deserves to be remembered like this


A few years back, when I was expecting, the thought of hiring a birth photographer crossed my mind. Then I started thinking about all the reasons not to hire one (like my fluffly mom bod) and I quickly convinced myself it wasn't necessary. 

But then I gave birth.

And the thing about birth is that it is SO fuzzy and blurry after the fact. Regardless of your birth, epidural, c section or drug free, you turn into a beautiful pile of mushy gushy oxytocin bliss and everything is just so fleeting, its easy to forget all the special moments. Thankfully I have a few photos my doula took, but MAN do I wish I had hired a professional so I could revisit those powerful, life changing first moments as a new family. I wish I could see the way my husband held my hand, my smile when I heard that first cry, our reactions to the moment we first saw our new little guy.

So don't mind me as I nerd out about how meaningful it is to have photos of yourself and your family facing and overcoming one of the greatest challenges of your life. And bonus, it turns out professionals do know how to make it photogenic! As birth photographers, we are equipped to handle whatever your birth journey throws our way. I've trained with the top birth photographers in the world, with a mission to catch every pivotal moment of your birth.

Without further adieu, here are some of my favorite birth photography moments that make the investment in birth photography truly priceless. Click on any image to see it larger.



Look at you overcoming that intensity with the support of those you love!  See how selfless and brave you are. 


The first moment you lay eyes on your baby

The energy and emotions of this moment are just more than words can describe. 


Your "I Did it!" Smile

Yes you did mama, yes you did.


Cutest baby award

Babies change so quickly, you are going to want to remember how adorable they were!


The way your partner kisses your forehead

He is beyond proud of you.


Such gorgeous details

Wrinkly baby feet and incredible umbilical cords.


Your partner's reaction to becoming a dad

I mean, that small person in those giant arms. *swoon*


So. Much. Love.

Your baby is finally home in your arms.


Your other babies meeting their new baby

And instantly becoming giants! Such excited big brothers and sisters.


Your parents meeting your baby

One of my favorite reactions to photograph. I mean, c'mon! They just burst with love and pride.

So there you have it. Some of my favorite birth moments to photograph. I seriously love what I do. 

No matter how many births I shoot, every time I enter the birth space with camera in hand I get a bit giddy.

Giddy that I get to give the gift of documentary birth photography to another sweet family.

Giddy that I can enter the birth space as a fellow mama and supportive sister.

Giddy that this mama has recognized how incredible it is to have her beautiful birth story told in photos.

And if I am blessed enough to have another child, I will definitely be hiring one of my fellow Dallas Fort Worth Birth Photographers. No way I am going to let my body image insecurities prohibit me from documenting such one of a kind, best day of your life moments. 


If you're expecting in the Dallas Fort Worth area I would love to meet you! Contact me here, I'm excited to hear more about you and your birth plans. 


Kathryn Johnson is a Dallas Fort Worth Birth Photographer who celebrates motherhood through maternity, birth and newborn photography. 

If you're looking for a photographer outside the DFW area, here is a directory of professional birth photographers worldwide.