Hi, I'm Kathryn

I adore being a mom. Its beatiful and crazy,  at times I feel like i'm drowning, literally. It's perfectly imperfect.

Kathryn Johnson

My hubby and I agree

The birth of our son was the best day of our life!


The beach is my happy place. 

I'm always up for an adventure with plenty of sun and sand. 


Two of my children are very hairy and drool a lot!

Newfoundland Dogs... the best!


I LOVE cheese so much I named my son Colby.

jk, its a family name.  But cheese is its own food group, right???


I'm fascinated with thunderstorms

Watching them with my dad is one of my fondest childhood memories. 


Want to learn more? Reach out today, I'd love to hear from you. 

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